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Adhivasa-kirtana refers to songs generally sung a few days before the beginning of a Gaudiya festival. The songs are narrations of Sri Chaitanya and his companions engaged in various festivities. The course of the adhivasa, with the giving of sandalwood pulp and flower garlands, follows the course of the song narrative.
This entry has footage from three adhivasa-kirtans:
1. In preparation for Jiva Goswami's festival at Radha-Damodara temple.
2. At Sitanath temple and at Vyasa Ghera at Radha-kunda.
Total running time: 27:29 min Total downloads: 6911
Recorded: Jan 1st 2005 - Feb 28th 2005 Published: May 28th 2005
Location: Radha-kunda: Radha-damodara temple / Sitanath temple / Vyasa Ghera

Files for the entry

1. At Radha-Damodara temple

Running time: 10:11 min

2. At Sitanath Mandir and Vyasa Ghera

Running time: 17:18 min
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