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April 12th, 2006

Much has happened since our last newsletter... Those who have been snooping around the Lake of Flowers website will know what I'm talking about! More on that in the next column, first the new releases.

Opening kirtan for Sri Kunjabihari Das Babaji's festival (2005)

Footage from Sri Kunjabihari Das Babaji's memorial festival was already published last year. This time, however, we have the priviledge of delivering you the full festival, uncut, adding to a grand total of over five hours of video!
This week's entry features the grand adhivasa-kirtana opening the festival two days before the main event. Read more »

Re-published audio

Some old entries have been re-published in a better shape:
  • Purva-raga - Radha and Krishna fall in love — This beautiful collection of songs on the falling of love of Radha and Krishna has now been republished, split into individual tracks. The total recording, lasting a bit over five hours, was a bit much in two tracks as it used to be, we're certain everyone would agree.
  • The entry on Advaita Das Babaji's Tirobhava-festival has been re-released with some background noise cleaned up.
We will be releasing new audio and video entries on a weekly basis as long as there is new material to publish. The newsletter will then be coming out at regular intervals, every Wednesday and hopefully at an earlier hour than today!

And all those updates to the site!

The Lake of Flowers Publications portal has come a long way since its early moments a year back. As the fruit of the last two weeks of hard work, the bulk of updates we have been planning is completed. The following are among some of the interesting new features of the site, aside what was mentioned in our previous newsletter:
  • Comments - You can now leave comments on all those video and audio clips you so dearly love, and read the views of others, too. Don't be shy, go ahead and comment!
  • Entry-browser is a handy little tool that helps you browse easily all across our archives, available on the right column at each page in the Productions-section.
  • Featured this week is the name of the front page column that shows you the latest in video and audio – no need to go beyond that to see if there's something new!
  • Google Video - Our entire selection of videos is now available for viewing online at Google Video. You can find links to each Google entry from the file listing of each video.
  • News-section has been split into three pages, (1) Actual news of interest, (2) New and updated entries, and (3) Notepad, a peek to the backstage and our day-to-day operations.
  • RSS-feeds are now available to help you easily keep track of our new productions.

And there's more...

And there are a few more, smaller things that may be of interest for frequent visitors...
  • Error pages are now more informative and help you locate what you're missing.
  • New promotional materials are available, a set of banners you can choose from and place on your site to tell others about Lake of Flowers Productions – and earn free DVDs while you're at it!
  • Statistics on what's available in our archives is now available on the Introduction-page. (We just broke the 60 GB and 100 individual titles barriers!)
  • Sub-menus - Most of the pages have been organized under a set of sub-menus for ease of navigation.
  • The texts on many pages have been revised and expanded.
And we still have more up our sleeves, but we'll get back to you with that at a later date, in next week's newsletter.

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