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Week 19 and Gaudiya Kutir

We are pleased to announce our relationship with Gaudiya Kutir. Gaudiya Kutir

It's been there all the while since the very early days of Lake of Flowers Productions, but has gone unannounced as the Kutir itself was yet to go public. Gaudiya Kutir is an organization has been formed to further the aims of the Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition with particular emphasis on its classical alignments. You can read more on its noble aims on the Kutir's website:

The newsletter is coming on Saturday due to yesterday's observance of Narasimha Chaturdasi. Don't be alarmed if newsletters come out one day after the event if such observances fall on Fridays the editors have more bhajan to tend to. Onwards to this week's new entries, brought to you in more detail than before.

Lake of Flowers ProductionsFestival of Siddha Baba of Govardhana (2005)

Lake of Flowers Notepad Siddha Krishna Das Baba of Govardhana was one of the four famous siddha-babas of Vraja. The festival is celebrated annually at Manasi-ganga, a lake said to have appeared directly from Krishna's thoughts, at Govardhan. This video features footage of the tirobhava-kirtan songs at a place near Siddha Baba's ashram, including a beautiful rendition of Thakur Mahashaya's Sri Rupa Paschate Ami.

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Total running time: 42:34 min
Recorded: Oct 7th 2005
Location: Govardhana: Manasi Ganga

Lake of Flowers Productions Festival of Siddha Baba of Surya-kunda (2005)

Lake of Flowers Notepad The festival of Siddha Madhusudana Das Babaji of Surya-kunda is one of the best attended and most beautiful festivals among the annual celebrations in Vraja. Devotees from all across Vraja-mandal gather to attend the occasion in Siddha Baba's sacred memory, many journeying on foot on a pilgrimage within a place of pilgrimage. This is the audio-recording of 2005's festival.

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Total running time: 115:55 min
Recorded: Dec 8th 2005
Location: Surya-kunda

Updated releases

Bit by bit, we're updating our older releases. Re-released this week:

Nityananda Trayodasi - View here!

Shiva Ratri - View here!

The video on Shiva Ratri is by far our most popular entry at Google Video - over 2000 views and counting!

New avenues for weekly announcements

Aside our website and this newsletter, Lake of Flowers Productions is currently announcing its releases in a number of other media. You'll find a sample release thread at the Vilasa Kunja forums.

If you know of places where our release announcements would smoothly fit, please let us know our releases are meant to be available!

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