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Week 21

This week we're moving on to the sacred month of Niyama-seva with our video productions, fresh footage from October 2005. Niyama-seva will be the theme of several upcoming video releases.

In the audio section, the second half of the Adhivasa-entry has now been released, making the duration of the entry a grand total of over eight hours. That's some preparation for festivals there!

Lake of Flowers ProductionsNiyama-seva Parikrama - Circumambulating Radha-kunda

Lake of Flowers Notepad Niyama-seva, occuring annually in October-November, is a one-month period during which followers of the Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition embark on pilgrimage, often to the sacred land of Vraja, leading a simple life full of austerity and increased spiritual practices. In the village of Radha-kunda, parikrama-processions go around the village to the accompaniment of kirtan, with visits to different temples, are a daily event.

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Total running time: 58:02 min
Recorded: Oct 20th 2005 - Oct 30th 2005
Location: Radha-kunda

Lake of Flowers ProductionsAdhivasa-kirtana - The opening songs of a festival (2005-2006)

Lake of Flowers Notepad This week, the second half of the Adhivasa-entry has been released with some three and half hours of kirtan, completing the series. Adhivasa-kirtanas mark the opening of a festival, occuring anywhere from a few days up to a month before the actual event. As festivals come in two flavors, the ananda-utsavas or festivals of joy, and the viraha-utsavas or festivals of separation, so there are distinct songs.

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Total running time: 501:24 min
Recorded: Nov 1st 2005 - Mar 30th 2006
Location: Radha-kunda: Different temples and ashrams

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