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Week 22

This week, our featured video brings us to the temples of Radha-kunda in the month of Niyama-seva. With audio, we travel to Govinda-kunda at Govardhan to hear the story of how the deity of Gopal was discovered.

Lake of Flowers ProductionsNiyama-seva kirtana - Songs in the temples

Lake of Flowers Notepad The sacred month of Niyama-seva, occuring annually in October-November, is brimming with devotional festivity. In the village of Radha-kunda, the devotees circumambulate the village to the accompaniment of kirtan, stopping at different temples to relish songs authored by the blessed poets of the Gaudiya Vaishnava heritage. This is the first of a series of four compilations of songs.

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Total running time: 18:49 min
Recorded: Oct 14th 2005 - Nov 12th 2005
Location: Radha-kunda

Lake of Flowers ProductionsGopala-prakata-lila - Discovery of Gopala

Lake of Flowers Notepad Several times a year, on blessed days such as Maghi-purnima, the full-moon day of the month of Magh, devotees from Radha-kunda gather and circumambulate the Govardhan-mountain with a procession to the accompaniment of kirtan. A part of the yearly tradition is a stop at Govinda-kunda, where the kirtaniyas sing the touching story of Madhavendra Puri's discovering the deity of Gopala from Chaitanya Caritamrita.

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Total running time: 47:43 min
Recorded: Feb 13th 2006
Location: Govardhana / Govinda-kunda

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