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Week 23 - A summer break

Lake of Flowers Productions Lake of Flowers Productions will be on a summer break until Thursday, June 22nd, when our next video release will be coming out. It's not a holiday, really we badly need some time to wrap together a number of other ongoing Gaudiya Kutir endeavors and also just try and tend to plain old "work for living", too.

Madhavananda, the project director who's taking care of the release of new material, will be migrating to India mid-September and has a ton of things to wrap together before the grand occasion. We also hope to finish a number of DVDs and have them available by the end of the break. We Gaudiya Vaishnavas do not manifest four-armed Vishnu-forms, which severely limits our ability to multi-task.

An audio release came out on this week's monday, the next new video comes out after the break. (Sorry we just didn't have time to get the video processed for this week!) In the meantime, check out our older entries, and while you're at it, leave a review or two.

Lake of Flowers ProductionsGostha-lila - Krishna at the pastures

Lake of Flowers Notepad Gostha-lila, or Krishna's leaving for the pastures with the cows and the calves, is a popular, recurring theme in lila-kirtanas, songs describing his pastimes. This session, led by Anath Bandhu Das Babaji, was recorded on Gopastami at Radha-kunda.

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Total running time: 55:46 min
Recorded: Nov 9th 2005
Location: Radha-kunda: Gopinath Mandir

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