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Week 25

Today we're sending out two brief and important notices one on the future of the newsletter and another on the ongoing break that'll extend a week further.

Thanks to everyone who donated after the note in our last newsletter! It helps us spend more time working on the project.

Gaudiya Kutir and Lake of Flowers The newsletters merge

With a number of other interesting Gaudiya Kutir projects coming up, most importantly the Gaudiya Kutir Wiki an online Gaudiya Vaisnava encyclopedia there's been a demand for a newsletter reporting on them, too. Instead of managing a dozen separate newsletters, we've decided to merge them all into a single newsletter.

Practically, this means that the newsletter layout is going to change we'll have separate columns for separate projects, and we'll aim for a color scheme a bit lighter than the deep red Lake of Flowers style. With any questions, please feel free to ask. And keep waiting for the next Friday!

That summer break

That summer break of ours, it's going to have to extend for one more week... Our DVD production base is relocating to the US, and we need a bit more time to organize everything properly.

The impatient can grab the upcoming video release, part 2 of the Niyama-seva kirtanas, directly from The Internet Archive. It'll appear online at our site on next Thursday.

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