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There are a good many sites out there that share of the spirit of Lake of Flowers Productions or are otherwise of interest. Below, a selection of some worthy websites (alphabetically listed). We assume no responsibility over the contents of external websites.

Gaudiya Vaishnavism

A selection of links to websites directly related to the traditional lineages of Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's tradition —
Gaudiya.Com Gaudiya.Com - Introduction to Gaudiya Vaishnavism: History, practices, theology, philosophy, literature etc.
Gaudiya Discussions Gaudiya Discussions - The informative archives of a once active discussion forum.
Gaudiya Grantha Mandira Gaudiya Grantha Mandira - A repository of ancient and medieval Sanskrit and Bengali texts.
Sri Krishna Chaitanya Shastra Mandir Sri Krishna Chaitanya Shastra Mandir - Publisher of Sri Ananta Das Babaji Maharaja's works.
Vraja Journal Vraja Journal - A pilgrim's diary from Vraja-dhama.
Vrindavan Art Vrindavan Art - Devotional art from Vrindavan.

Other sites

A list of links to websites that have aided in producing and publishing our materials —
The Internet Archive The Internet Archive - They host all of our downloads!
The Internet Archive AviSynth - A powerful scripting-based video post-processing tool.
Dev Shed Dev Shed - An extensive web development resource with helpful discussion forums.
Google Video Google Video - Google's service for searching and hosting video footage.
SmartFTP SmartFTP - Our files would never move anywhere without it.
Video Help Video Help - A helpful resource and discussion forum on video processing.
VirtualDub VirtualDub - An excellent open-source tool for processing video.
iWiccle CMS Community Builder iWiccle - A free Web 2.0 CMS and Community Builder — builder your internet with uncommon power and ease!
x264 x264 - The next-generation open-source MPEG4-codec of choice – used in encoding our files.
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