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Here's a selection of exciting news on what's going on at Lake of Flowers Productions. — Not much in way of news these days! The works are done and the project has been turned into a static archive.

January 23rd, 2014

Basic maintenance and fixes — most importantly, all the audio and video download links are now up to speed with Archive.Org's revised setup. Enjoy the free media!

July 9th, 2007

The standstill in production tells you things haven't evolved much since last November. I still have a bunch of unprocessed materials (ca. 20 hours of video and probably as much in audio), and I still don't have a machine with enough kick to effectively work with video — and I certainly don't have the time (or the patience) needed for doing serious video work with this light-weight laptop.
In other news: 1. A problem that resulted from a misconfigured redirection file, making direct video and audio links fail, has been repaired — everything should be back to normal now. 2. Since we don't have anything to feature weekly, the front page has been changed to display a random daily entry.

November 29th, 2006

Not much newsworthy has been going on at Lake of Flowers Productions for a few months now.
With Madhavananda moving to Radha-kunda, bundled with the fact that the machine of the day is a Celeron 1.3 GHz light-weight laptop that isn't exactly cut out for video editing, has slowed down the processing of collected materials a great deal.
And if you feel like donating a laptop... Click on! :)
New materials are being collected. We'll try and get some materials, and hopefully also some DVDs – finally – out by the end of the year.
The curious may want to keep an eye on the Ongoing-section of Madhava's Vraja Journal at for short news related to Lake of Flowers and other ongoing projects.
Vraja Journal

July 2nd, 2006

Newsletter for week 26 is available. The debute issue of the new Gaudiya Kutir newsletter is available, featuring columns for Lake of Flowers Productions, Gaudiya Kutir Wiki and other ongoing projects. Newsletter archives are hosted in Gaudiya Kutir Wiki. Read the current newsletter online, here.

June 23rd, 2006

Newsletter for week 25 is available. An important announcement about the newsletter — the Lake of Flowers newsletter is merging with the Gaudiya Kutir newsletter, the first revised edition is coming out next Friday.
In addition to Lake of Flowers news, the weekly mailings will contain a summary report of the latest articles at Gaudiya Kutir Wiki, the online Gaudiya Vaisnava encyclopedia, and other relevant Gaudiya Kutir related news, whenever available.
The summer break is extending a week further, the first new release is coming out next Thursday, June 29th. Read the current newsletter online, here.

June 9th, 2006

Lake of Flowers Productions Newsletter for week 23 is available. With that, Lake of Flowers Productions is taking a two-week break in releasing new productions. The next video will be available on June 22nd.
What's happening in the meantime? Read the newsletter online, here.

June 2nd, 2006

Lake of Flowers Productions Newsletter for week 22 is available. The video for the week brings us to the many temples in the village of Radha-kunda, featuring songs from the month of Niyama-seva.
The audio entry takes place at Govinda-kunda, where the song of Gopala's discovery is annually sung from Caitanya Caritamrita on the full-moon day of the month of Magh.
Read the newsletter online, here.

May 26th, 2006

Lake of Flowers Productions Newsletter for week 21 is available. This week, Lake of Flowers returns to memories of Niyama-seva, that sacred month amidst October-November, embarking on an hour-long parikrama with kirtan around Radha-kunda.
In the audio-department, the earlier entry of Adhivasa-kirtanas has been completed, with over eight hours of preparation for celebrations. Jaya Sri Radhe Radhe!
Read the newsletter online, here.

May 20th, 2006

Lake of Flowers Productions Newsletter for week 20 is available. Coming out a day late due to technical difficulties, this week at Lake of Flowers saw the release of the first (of five) episode of the Holi-series and the audio recording of Kartta Sri Krishna Das Baba's memorial festival.
Read the newsletter online, here.

May 12th, 2006

Gaudiya Kutir Newsletter for week 19 is available. Today's newsletter features an announcement on our relationship with Gaudiya Kutir, an organization established to further the aims of the classical alignments of the Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition. Two new releases from the festivals of Siddha Krishna Das Baba and Siddha Madhusudan Das Baba, and two updated releases – featured in more detail than before.
Read the newsletter online, here.

May 5th, 2006

Newsletter for week 18 is available. This week's newsletter features as a double entry, including the releases from week 17 too – this mysterious week that seems to have vanished altogether... Time flies, does it not. Five new releases, re-processed entries, small updates.
Read the newsletter online, here.

April 21st, 2006

x264 Newsletter for week 16 is available. This week's mailing features our weekly video and audio entries, fills you in on the appearance of a new, exciting video format that offers near-DVD quality video for a file size less than VCD, and discusses a number of other interesting developments.
Read the newsletter online, here. Future newsletters will be coming out every Friday.

April 12th, 2006

Newsletter for week 15 is available. This week we announced one new video entry, the uncut adhivasa-kirtan of Sri Kunjabihari Das Babaji, and two re-published audio entries, along with news on a host of improvements on the site. Read the newsletter online, here.

April 4th, 2006

We have returned to the land where the Internet works. The revisions of the Lake of Flowers site have begun. The first batch of improvements has now been released into a live environment. You'll notice that:
• We are now offering direct links to individual files.
• Entries can be sorted according to different criteria.
• A search engine has been added.
• Links to individual entries in the series are available.
A whole lot more is in works.
In other news, an excerpt from our Holi-compilation (here) was aired at The Daily Show yesterday night as a part of their "This Week in God" segment before one and half million viewers.
Click to view big size
Labeled "The Faith Off", the Hindu way of welcoming spring was pitted against the way of the Mayans of Mexico. And the conclusion, "Oh Doctor! The Indians throw some kind of colorful powder, there's more, colors just keep coming! The Mayans cannot hold on, this is over people, it is over: The Hindus win, down goes Maya, down goes Maya! Ten-thousand year old rituals do not get much more exciting than that, people." You can view the segment here.
While we're on the theme, we have a whole lot of footage on Holi, unprocessed, that'll be released over the upcoming months. Those, along with dozens of new entries from our current stock of material, will be published on a weekly basis, tentatively one entry of audio and one entry of video per week. Stay tuned!

November 11th, 2005

The media collection during the month of Kartika is well underway. We already have a stack of video and audio recordings from a good number of festivals, kirtans, lectures and so forth. We'll start processing the raw material in early December once we're back in the West, and the first productions should be available for download by mid-December.
We'd appreciate if our good audience could donate at least to cover the material costs of the project. Lake of Flowers is a not-for-profit endeavor consuming a good amount of time and resources, our productions are offered free of cost for everyone. Contributions will help a long way in sustaining the project. Please read more about it in this discussion.

September 30th, 2005

The Lake of Flowers Kartika project is about to launch off!
Malati is actually already at Radha-kunda since the 24th. Madhava is packing his bags, scheduled to fly on October 5th. Aside an abundance of general Niyama-seva festivities, the following events will take place during their stay until November 19th:
October 7th: Siddha Sri Krishna Das Babaji of Govardhan, tirobhava-festival.
October 15th: Tirobhava-festivals of Raghunath Bhatta Goswami, Raghunath Das Goswami and Krishnadas Kaviraja Goswami.
October 16th: Radha-Krishna's Saradiya Rasa-yatra.
October 22nd: Narottama Das Thakur Mahasaya's tirobhava-festival.
October 24th: Bahulashtami, the appearance day of Sri Radha-kunda - midnight bathing in the kunda.
November 1st: Dipavali.
November 2nd: Annakuta-mahotsava, Govardhan-puja.
November 9th: Dhananjaya Pandit Goswami's tirobhava-festival.
November 15th: Sri-Sri Radha-Krishna's Rasa Yatra, festival of Mahaprabhu's going to Vrindavan.
An estimate of 20 hours of video and 30 hours of audio should come close to what we'll gather during our time in Vraja. A stock of material we'll be making freely available, as with the productions put together thus far.
Please consider donating towards the costs incurred. Specific project-related costs are a 250 GB hard drive, a 2 GB Compact Flash card, a 20 tape stock of DV-tapes and 12 rechargeable AA-batteries — a total of around 350 euros, or $430 USD. We have already received donations of 120, 51 and 50 euros - thanks!
Thank you very much — Radhe Radhe!

May 28th, 2005

Our affiliate program has been opened. Send traffic to Lake of Flowers – receive a free DVD for every 250 visitors referred! Read the affiliate page for more information.

May 24th, 2005

Our press release has been sent out, we are officially open and active now — busy processing the big pile of material accumulated over the spring at Radha-kunda.
Download the press release (zip) with images for publication.
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