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If you have video or audio materials that you've recorded yourself, to which you otherwise have the copyrights, or that are in the public domain, you are cordially invited to share them with the world through Lake of Flowers Productions. If necessary, we can process unedited materials on your behalf. You can either upload the materials to our FTP servers or send us CDs or DVDs by mail. Please contact us with a list of what you'd like to offer and in which format. We reserve the right to not publish material we feel is unsuitable in terms of quality or genre. You are also cordially invited to post-process our materials for attaining a higher quality, please don't hesitate to offer your services.

Video footage

The higher the quality, the better. Please see our specifications-page for the end product specs. Raw DV-footage (preferred), DVD-quality footage and lightly compressed DivX or XviD are all acceptable formats. If the video needs color and contrast corrections, filtering and so forth, the less compressed it is, the better.
If the footage is already mastered, ready DVD-quality MPEG2 files are good. You can also send us DV and VHS tapes for capturing and processing. Ask also about other formats. Video clips shot with low-end digital cameras producing jagged image in a low resolution aren't what we're after, though if you have rare materials, we could certainly give it a try.

Audio recordings

The higher the quality, the better. If possible, you can send the audio as raw waveform files or in losslessly compressed formats such as SHN or FLAC. Otherwise, high bitrate MP3-files are good. For music, we'd prefer qualities from 192kbps upwards, and for speech from 128kbps upwards. Lower bitrates may also be just fine, depending on the nature and quality of your source material.
Sometimes, especially in the case of field recordings archived on regular tapes, the source quality isn't that high. We can clean up background noise and filter the recording to make the sound a bit better. We can also digitize tapes you have, or help you in doing the same. Please remember, though, that we'd prefer working on recordings that are of high, or at least mediocre, quality.

Edit existing materials

While the videos have undergone a basic levels and saturation fixing, and the audios have taken a noise removal, graphic equalizer and normalizing treatment, they could undoubtedly benefit from a professional treatment by someone with the know-how, and most of all the time, at his disposal. Use the lossless FLAC for processing audio. For video processing, we can make original DV or high-quality MPEG4 files available for you.
You are also cordially invited to put together new compilations from the materials we have, as long as we get to take a look at it before it goes live – though we really only have issues with disrespectful usage. Please don't hesitate to ask!
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