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Our productions are offered as free downloads in cooperation with The Internet Archive. The videos are also available on CDs and DVDs for a nominal fee.
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Baba's Teachings Series

Baba's Teachings Series The Baba's Teachings series features discussions and interviews with Pandit Sri Ananta Das Babaji Maharaja – one of the leading teachers of the Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition – on a wide range of topics on theology, philosophy and the practice of spiritual life.

Vraja Festivals Series

Vraja Festivals Series The Vraja Festivals series presents a collection of footage from traditional Vaishnava-celebrations, featuring songs of celebration (kirtan), circumambulation of holy places (parikrama) and views of saints living in the holy land of Vraja.

Madrasi Baba Series

Madrasi Baba Series The Madrasi Baba series features discussions and narrations by Madrasi Sri Krishna Das Babaji Maharaja – a respected mahatma who lived on the banks of Radha-kunda and introduced many fortunate souls to its mysteries. Footage contributed by Karunamayi Das.

Lake of Flowers Audio

Lake of Flowers Audio The Lake of Flowers Audio series features offers a selection of kirtan recorded by Lake of Flowers staff at various locations in Vraja-dhama. All files are offered as high-quality lossless FLAC-files, as Ogg Vorbis files, as well as in mp3-format in VBR (≈160kbps) and 64kbps qualities.

Lake of Flowers Gallery

Lake of Flowers Gallery Gallery The Lake of Flowers Gallery features a vast selection of views from our adventures across the holy places of India. Six hundred pictures of choice sorted in dozens of galleries. Prints are available on request.
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