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Our Creative Commons license tells you what you can do with our materials. view »

Contact info

Contact information, feedback form, donating for the cause. view »


Answers to questions many of our visitors have on their minds. view »

File specifications

The various audio and video formats and related resources explained. view »


A synopsis of who we are and what we're up to, what we offer and how you can participate. view »

Links of interest

A collection of websites you may find interesting. view »


New and exciting developments at Lake of Flowers Productions. Mailing list subscription. view »

New releases

A list of new and updated releases. view »


A blog'ish page detailing all the small stuff happening in our studio. view »

Old news

News from the days your grandpa was watching our videos. view »

On devotion

Essentials of the path of spiritual life embraced in Sri Chaitanya's tradition. view »


Contribute audio, video or photo materials for download, edit and process our materials. view »


The main index of available video, audio and photo materials. view »

Privacy policy

How we approach your privacy, what we do with the data gathered. view »

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Lake of Flowers
Lake of Flowers
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