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On video formats

Most of our videos are offered for download in the following formats, listed in order of video quality.
Icon Type Video Audio Size
DVD - A MPEG2-encoded file DVD - A MPEG2-encoded file, large size and best quality. Ready for mastering on a DVD and watching on your DVD player. 3500kbps 224kbps 720x576
x264 - A MPEG4-encoded file x264 - A MPEG4-encoded file, this new and efficient compression method offers you near DVD-quality video at a size smaller than VCD. 1000kbps 160kbps 512x384
VCD - A MPEG1-encoded file VideoCD (VCD) - A MPEG1-encoded file, offers maximum compatibility and a quality good enough for watching at full screen. 1150kbps 224kbps 352x288
Ogg Vorbis Video Ogg Vorbis Video - The OGG is substantially smaller and the video quality is lower. 512kbps 64kbps 400x300
Small MPEG4 Small MPEG4 - The MPEG4 is substantially smaller and the video quality is lower. 512kbps 64kbps 320x240
If 90% of the above sounds like Sanskrit to you, download the VCD-file or ask a friend to help you out.
If the concept "installing a codec" doesn't scare the life out of you, download the x264-files (where available – we are gradually adding them in).
If you have a fast internet connection and plenty of space or alternatively a DVD-burner to store media, download the DVD-files.
If you have a very slow internet connection or you just want to take a quick glance at the video in small size, download one of the small MPEG files.

On audio formats

Most of the audio recordings are offered for download in four formats:
1. FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) These files, featuring the highest quality, are identical with our originals. Some media players and softwares may need a plug-in to be able to play FLAC-files. Download a plug-in for WinAmp or see the list of players and plug-ins at the FLAC home page.
2. MP3 VBR (Variable Bit Rate). MP3 as a format shouldn't need an introduction — you can play it with virtually any and all media players. The VBR version (≈160kbps) offers the best sound quality among the compressed versions.
3. Ogg Vorbis The Ogg Vorbis files are another popular format of compressed audio. The quality falls somewhere a bit below the VBR MP3, the size being approzimately 30% smaller. Supported by most modern media players.

The resources listing

This section explains the items in the resources listing of each entry.
The Archive Index. This is the Internet Archive index page for the entry. All of our file downloads are hosted on The Internet Archive (at Archive.Org).
Thumbnails. Offered by The Internet Archive, this page displays an image for each minute of the video, providing a quick preview of the footage.

Recommended video players

BSPlayer - A versatile yet comfortable and easy-to-use media player with plenty of useful features. Please note that versions after 1.37.826 contain Adware! (Windows)
MPlayer OSX - This is a binary distribution of MPlayer (The Movie Player for Linux) and comes with native user interface for MacOSX. (Mac)
VLC Media Player - A highly portable multimedia player for various audio and video formats as well as DVDs, VCDs and streaming protocols. (All platforms)
Zoom Player - A resource-friendly multimedia player with a slick and simple user interface as well as advanced features. (Windows)
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